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CNC Water jet cutting machine

CNC Water jet cutting machine

CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines - More Precise than Laser

We market CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines manufactured by OMAX Corporation, USA. OMAX is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure water-jet cutting machines. These abrasive water jet cutting machines are CNC based and are used to machine variety material. The machine uses slurry of pressurized water at 55,000 psi and abrasive garnet. The manufacturer offers a complete line of machining tool components including centers, pumps, controllers, software and accessories. OMAX offers patented abrasive jet controller that has a built-in expert system. Moreover, the OMAX software for CNC based Water Jet Cutting Machines makes it easy to machine bis & small parts to highest of precision and in the fastest possible time that too at the lowest cost. The buyers of this machines also receive life time free software updates from OMAX.

Water Jet Cutting Machines we offer is ideal for different types of production runs including tooling, short-run production, JIT manufacturing, prototype making etc. The CNC water jet cutting machines need no tool change or complex assembling of fixtures, reducing the set-up time by at least 50%.

Following materials can be machined using CNC water jet cutting machines :

Stainless Steel

Mild Steel







Tool Steel






Composites and more…

Model       X-Y Travel (Cutting Envelope)

2626    - 29" x 26" (737 mm x 660 mm)
2626xp - 29" x 25" (737 mm x 635 mm) (Extreme Accuracy) 
2652    - 52" x 26" (1321 mm x 660 mm)
5555    - 55" x 55" (1397 mm x 1397 mm)
55100  - 100" x 55" (2540 mm x 1397 mm)
60120  - 126" x 62" (3200 mm x 1575 mm)
80160  - 168" x 80" (4267 mm x 2030 mm )
80X     - 165" x 80" (4191 mm x 2032 mm) (Expandable X Axis)

Accessories :

Tilt-A-Jet : The Tilt-A-Jet lets the OMAX Jet Machining Center achieve virtually zero taper with most materials. The Tilt-A-Jet can position the nozzle at an angle calculated by the software to exactly offset the taper from the abrasive jet.

Precision Optical Locator (POL) : The POL is designed to let you accurately place parts on the OMAX for secondary machining operations.

Drill head attachment : The OMAX Drill Attachment permits reliable piercing of laminates and composites prior to abrasive water jet cutting. The OMAX Drill accurately pierces small diameter holes in laminates and composite material.

Adjustable tilt nozzle : Manually adjusted to tilt Nozzle at a fixed angle from 0 to 45° which allows cutting a part at an angle in one direction.

Terrain Follower : Automatically and accurately cut parts from materials with irregular or warped surfaces without the need for special programming.

Mini Jet Nozzle : It is ideal for making parts with intricate shapes or where narrow cut with minimum possible taper is desired.

Solids Removal System (SRS) : Removes waste garnet from the catcher tank and deposits it into a dump hopper.

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